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  • About Everybody Dance Now!

    “EDN! uses dance to help young people cultivate self-esteem, establish healthy lifestyles, and build positive relationships with peers and adults.”

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    Learn how you can get involved in the growing Everybody Dance Now! movement.

  • Breakdance Project

    Up to 200 community members come together biannually for Breakdance Project Santa Barbara, inspired by a Ugandan NGO, [to bridge community divides and combat youth violence.

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    Learn how you can support Everybody Dance Now!’s programs touching thousands of kids’ lives each year.

Donate Now! Everybody Dance Now! is a national nonprofit organization that provides free, weekly dance programming to young people throughout the country who would otherwise not have access to such opportunities. We are dedicated not only to inspiring our students through positive outlets that promote healthy and active lives, but also to empowering our young leaders as agents of social change.